Ukraine has completed the transition to European electricity trading rules.

This was announced by “Ukrenergo” in a statement.

The company explained that experts conducted joint auctions for access to interconnector capacities with Moldova. Thus, for the first time, Ukraine obtained the rights to supply electricity for an entire month.

According to the results of the week-long auction, the transmission capacity allocated for the Ukraine-Moldova direction was 463 MW, and for the reverse direction, it was 96 MW.

“Ukrenergo” also noted that 100% of the available transmission capacity was distributed among four participants. Meanwhile, for the UA-MD direction, eight participants took part in the trading, and for the MD-UA direction, nine participants.

The company added that the demand for transmission capacity exceeded the proposed capacities at each monthly auction.

Therefore, the auction price limit for the UA-MD direction was set at 0.05 euros per MW, and for the MD-UA direction, it was 0.5 euros.

Daily auctions with Moldova are scheduled for February 29.

It was previously reported that Ukraine has started trading electricity with Hungary under European rules. This is the fifth country to join such commercial exchange.

Photo: Getty Images