The Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR MO), using the Magura V5 maritime drones, managed to effectively strike a large number of enemy ships in the Black Sea. The losses for the occupiers are significant.

This was stated by GUR MO representative Andriy Yusov during a telethon.

He noted that according to preliminary estimates, the losses for the Black Sea Fleet amount to about $500 million.

The GUR MO representative pointed out that the drone manufacturers have unquestionably done an excellent job, creating a unique means of striking enemy fleets and personnel.

“The secret lies in combining this craftsmanship with the skills and actions of the operators and specialists of the Main Intelligence Directorate and reconnaissance units, including the special forces of GUR MO, Group 13. This combination, which is constantly improving, produces new and new results”, said Yusov.

He emphasized that Magura drones in the hands of Ukrainian operators have become the most effective means of destroying the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

“As of now, the Black Sea Fleet of the aggressor has incurred losses of over $500 million due to the effective actions of GUR special forces using Magura drones”, the intelligence representative noted.

Recall that on May 6, it became known that GUR struck a speedboat of the occupiers in Crimea with the Ukrainian-made maritime drone “Magura V5”.

Photo: open sources