Due to Russian attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure, Ukrainians are limiting their electricity consumption during peak hours.

Sergey Kovalenko, the CEO of the energy supply company Yasno, called on Ukrainians to reduce electricity consumption from 7 to 10 pm throughout the year.

“What can we do now? Save energy during peak hours. And if there are many of us, it will work. So, from 7 to 10 pm. Every day. Please save electricity. Every day. Throughout 2024. Let it become a habit”, he urged.

It is worth noting that during the latest mass attack by the enemy, energy and critical infrastructure were once again targeted. The Russians attacked two underground gas storage facilities and two thermal power plants. Equipment was seriously damaged. According to DTEK, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Russians have shelled thermal power plants 170 times. On April 11th, the Russians destroyed the Trypillia Thermal Power Plant.

Photo: open sources