The National Union of Writers of Ukraine initiated a discussion about the closure of the Mikhail Bulgakov Museum in Kyiv.

Writers’ Union announced this in a statement published on the NSPU website.

Instead of the russian writer’s museum, the NSPU Secretariat proposes to create a museum of the outstanding Ukrainian composer Oleksandr Koshyts, who lived in this building until 1906.

NSPU also offers to transfer all museum exhibits to the National Museum of Literature for archival storage.

“Among the victims of constant shelling and bombing by russia are not only Ukrainian citizens, but also cultural institutions of Ukraine – schools, libraries, universities, etc., and some of them have been completely destroyed and are no longer subject to reconstruction. Therefore, a natural question arises: can — after the horror of death and destruction that russia is causing in Ukraine, after the manifestations of genocide and attempts to destroy Ukrainian statehood — in the center of Kyiv, the museum of the writer who fiercely hated Ukraine and its independence, as well as smeared Ukraine as much as he could in his works, in particular in the novel “The White Guard”?”, the statement emphasizes.

NSPU notes that the educational organization “Expert Corps”, which covers cultural and historical topics, proved that Bulgakov is an ideologue of the “russian world”.

“Bulgakov is one of the forerunners of this notorious “russian world”, and this is clearly reflected in his dangerous books, where he glorified not only the tsar and the monarchy, but also the inhuman cruelty that is inherent to russians and is the main feature of the Russian nation. His disdainful and arrogant attitude towards Ukraine causes only sincere anger and a sense of disgust,” the members of the Writers’ Union note.

Photo: Open source